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POPREP 7 Release Notes

Feature updates:

Service Updates:
• Added support for Exchange Web Services to receive emails from Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 and later. (Tested with 2007 and 2010 only.) Please see the help for information on how to specify the URL. EWS is a replacement for the WedDav protocol that was used with the OWA Outlook Web Access on Exchange 2007 and earlier. Poprep still support the OWA protocol for use with older versions of Exchange, but if you connect to Exchange 2007 or later then you should change to the EWS connector. The EWS connector can optionally filter out any duplicate emails. It uses the information from the “Message-ID:" field in the message to determine if the message has been seen already. POPREP will remember all message ID’s for the specific EWS connector for up to 7 days. If filtered, then any new message with the same Message ID if a previous received email will not be received. You should see a significant improved throughput for connectors where large number of messages (1000’s) remains in the Inbox compared to the OWA connector.
• The service has been updated to limit the maximum number of messages received in one poll to 100 messages or an accumulated messages size of 500MB. If any of these limits are exceeded, the service will disconnect from the server and it will try to forward these messages before it continues to receive any additional messages for this connector.
• If started, the service will now remain running even when no active connector has been configured. Previosuly the service would automatically stop when there were no active connector.

Admin Console Updates:
• By default when you create a new connector, only new messages will be forwarded, any existing messages will be marked as already having been delivered. You can deselect this option on the connector inbound tab.
• When you create a new connector, by default it will now be configured to keep a copy of all Messages on the Server for 30 days.
• When you create a new POP3 connector, ‘SSL Wanted’ is now enabled by default. Allowing POPREP to use SSL if supported by the Mail Server to encrypt the logon and email transfers.
• For new POP3 connectors, the APOP protocol is now disabled by default as most servers announcing that it’s available haven’t actually been configured for APOP authenticaiton, this is often causing the logon to that server to fail.
• You can now configure poprep to only replicate new messages (Inbound /Existing Server Mails/Ignore), ignoring any existing messages. This is useful when you set up a new connector and the Server Inbox contains a large number of old messages that you don’t want to forward. Alternatively, if a connector has been suspended for a long period of time, and the Server Inbox has received messages that you don’t want to forward when the connector is re-enabled.
• You can now configure poprep to rescan the Inbox for emails. This will cause poprep to consider all emails in the Inbox to be new, and they will be re-sent. This may be useful if you initially created the connector, configuring it to ignore any existing emails, and you later decide that you want all existing emails to be delivered as well. Alternatively if you changed your downstream system and want to resend all messages again. NOTE: Any emails that have been sent already will be re-sent if this option is selected.
• You can now request that poprep purges the queue of any messages that has not yet been delivered (Outbound SMTP/Queued Mails/Purge).
• The Admin console no longer allow you to create proprietary Hotmail connectors. You can obviously continue to use POPREP with Hotmail if you change your configuration to use a POP3 connector. If you have an existing hotmail connector configured, it will still show up in the admin console but it can no longer be enabled.

Fixed problems:

• The service would fail to deliver emails if “Mail From” was set to manual override for the induvidual connector.
• Under rare circumstances depending on the mail content, mails received through the OWA connector may have been truncated. (There has been no report of truncated emails but in reviewing the implementation we found an issue that could have caused this to happen).
• Fixed some potential security issues in the service.
• The service would intermittently crash when using an evaluation licence.
• One other problem that could cause a server crash has been fixed.

Admin Console:
• Would not allow the global “Mail From” to be configured.
• If a new connector was created with an existing name the connector type dropdown would be disabled after a warning message. NOTE: The format of queued emails has been updated. If you are upgrading from a previous version of poprep, then please ensure that all queued emails for any POP3 connector has been delivered before you update the service. Also, if you have upgraded to POPREP 7 and you wish to go back to a previous version, you must ensure that all emails are delivered before you downgrade as the older version of poprep MAY fail to deliver them. This is especially important if the queue contains signed emails as the signature MAY become invalid.

Updates in version 6.2.3:

Service Updates:
• The service now allows custom actions to be performed when emails failed to be sent to the SMTP connector – depending on the SMTP result code. For more information see help/Reference/Registry Settings.

Updates in version 6.2:br />
Feature updates:

Service Updates:
• Updated service to be able to poll multiple connectors in parallel, providing increased throughput. By default it will now poll 10 connectors at any one time, configurable from 1 to 25. Increasing the number will increase the CPU utilization, so ensure you don’t overload the system by allowing more connectors to be polled than the system can cope with.

Fixed problems:
• Would not Install on Windows 2008, SP2.

Updates in version 6.1:

Feature updates:

Service Updates:
• Added support for Outlook Web Access, forms-based authentication.
• Increased debug output from OWA connector.

Event Scripts Updates:
• Added ability to write to the the LogFile and EventLog from Event Scripts.

Fixed problems:

Admin Console Fixes:
• Would not allow changes to LogLevel if DebugLevel was Disabled.
• Would report an Error if DebugLevel was changed and LogLevel was Disabled.br />
Updates since version 6.0: />
Service Updates:
• Added support for Outlook Web Access, forms-based authentication.
• Increased debug output from OWA connector.

Event Scripts Updates:
• Added ability to write to the the LogFile and EventLog from Event Scripts.

Admin Console Fixes:
• Would not allow changes to LogLevel if DebugLevel was Disabled.
• Would report an Error if DebugLevel was changed and LogLevel was Disabled.

Updates since version 5.1:

Feature updates:
• Added support for receiving emails from OWA/Outlook Web Access/Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes.
• Improved and changed event scripts functionality. NOTE: If you use event scripts, Please review the documentation prior to upgrading to this version.
• Now supports UAC under Windows Vista and later.
• POPREP 6 has been extended with an Administrative Service, the management console now take advantage of this service for all privileged operations, eliminating the requirement for the administrator to have the privilege to create global objects.

Service Updates:
• Added support for receiving emails from OWA/Outlook Web Access/Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes. [Tested with Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007]
• Today's/Current log name changed from poprep-yyyy-mm-dd.log to poprep.log
• Historical daily Log File name changed from poprep-yyyy-mm-dd.log to poprep.yyyy-mm-dd.log.
• Added command line option to configure service to run as either of: LocalSystem, LocalService, NetworkService

Event Scripts Updates:
• Added a basic WScript object replicating many of the Microsoft WScripts methods.
• Separated the MailObject into two separate objects. One that has generic helper methods and properties, and one that have methods and properties specific for the in transit Mail.
• Now detects and reports Script Runtime error messages during initialization of Event Scripts. Previously only syntax errors were reported.
• Event scripts will now TimeOut and Terminate after 3 minutes. Previously they would execute indefinitely, hence a faulty script could cause the service to hang.
• Improved performance of event scripts and associated methods. NOTE: If you are updating from a previous version, then please read the documentation of event Scripts, Mail Object and Mail Helper Object, and make any necessary adjustments to your scripts prior to updating to this version of POPREP.

Admin Console Updates:
• Moved "Mail To" and "Bcc:" configuration from the "Outbound SMTP Settings" to new property page "Mail Routing"
• Added input fields for source and target - domain and default mailbox. Previously user had to type in these in a curly bracket and comma separated format. Data is still stored in the same format, so only the UI has been updated.
• Advanced Property page split into two pages "Event Scripts" and "Mail Routing"
• Moved Poll Frequency and connector Enable checkbox to a new property page "Schedule"
• Added ability to perform Right Click to Enable/Disable connectors on tree view items (Connectors).
• Display a message informing that a connector could not be enabled - if any of the property pages has got incorrect information. [We do not currently tell the user what is wrong, but at least that some thing is]
• Added link to Twistround website at the About Dialog and Licence Dialogs.
• Updated nag-screen for expired evaluation licence, display once only when licence expired.
• Added dialog that will be displayed when the evaluation licence expired, the dialog will only be displayed if any enterprise features has been enabled. It will allow the user to more easily update any connector settings by removing any unsupported settings for the new licence level.
• The user managing the service no longer requires privileges to create global objects.
• Tool-bar has a new button, allowing you to reconnect to the (new) admin Service, should you have stopped the service whilst the admin console is running. - We could easily reconnect automatically, but as you would not know if the configuration file had been changed independently of the console, the user would have to perform this extra step.
• Now displays a message if changing of log or debug level failed.
• Now displays a message if changing start-up type for the service failed.

POPCONF Updates:
• New switch /AddToAdmin[:[Domain\]Username] - adds a user or domain group to the PopRepAdmins groups.

Service Fixes:
• Fixed some incorrect log-file messages.

Admin Console Fixes:
• Fixed bug: The "MAIL FROM:" edit control would not be enabled if manual was selected. (If user de/re-selected manual the control would be enabled so editing was still possible)
• Disabled the ability to configure event scripts when the licence is less than Enterprise.
• Disabled dialog for configuring script editor and script template when the licence is less than Enterprise.
• A user would not be able to start/stop the service unless a member of the local Administrators group.

Setup Fixes:
• If you performed a repair, and the service was running it would be necessary to reboot the system before the changes took effect.